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Our crews have been specifically trained in the construction and repair of grain bins, conveying, drying systems, floors and just about anything you can think of for your grain storage operations. At Grain Storage Solutions, we work throughout the year in any conditions to ensure your farming operations are ready to go when the season starts.

We make it our top priority to ensure your operation’s best investment is stored properly and protected.

One Stop Shop

We have designed this company in a way to offer North America’s top brands in grain storage, conditioning and drying. From the ground-up, we are fully capable and trained to tackle any construction job you may need for your farming operations.

We hope that, by our clients coming to us, they can realize the best products the industry has to offer with competitive pricing. No more guessing what you need for your operations; our knowledgeable salesmen will be there every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you need to succeed. 

Quality work

Our business works with only the top brands North America has to offer. We work hard to establish great partners that give us the best rates for their products. By having these partnerships we can guarantee the lowest price possible, and the greatest value for all of our customers.

 We have carefully chosen specific dealers to work with, to ensure we work with grain handling’s top brands and designs that lead the industry in innovation and quality. We continually seek out trends and new technology so we can ensure our clients always have the best of the best.


Our crews are experienced in working with various types of agricultural and industrial storage. We have what you need for anything storage-related.

Whether it’s planning, engineering or building we offer a range of storage products for 5 main platforms: Grain, Water, Fertilizer, Feed and Seed.



We have built this company in a way to offer North America’s top brands of Grain Conditioning Equipment. Our crews and engineers work closely to ensure your products are stored effectively involving a number of important variables:

Humidity, Heat, Airspace, Density, Infestations. Know your products are protected with the industries leading conditioning equipment.


Our dedicated teams provide  outstanding quality and offer an exceptional level of excellence that our clients have come to expect.

From large, small, and everything in-between, our service crews are fully licensed and insured to take on virtually any construction task your operations might have.
We are proud of our continuously growing client base.


Whether you are replacing old concrete or starting on a new build, GSS is the business you can rely on.
New concrete pouring requires skill and experience. These two factors are especially important in determining the longevity of the new concrete structure! GSS has a qualified team of true professionals, ready to handle any job you might have. 

Upgrades Parts & Accessories

 Our experienced crews are here to help make your existing grain bins more efficient, safe, and user friendly for everyday use. 

Anything from adding additional bin rings to gain more storage, to converting a bin into a drying bin, we can supply the materials you need, as well as have it up for you in a timely manner.


Whether your structures are severely demolished, tipped over or just have minor dents, we are well equipped and prepared to help you restore your operations needs.
We understand these events are unexpected and put you in a tough situation which often comes with pressed timelines for the rebuild.
We can help assess the damage, determine the best solution, perform the repair.

Dedicated to Quality Service

Always Expanding Full-Service Offering

What started as a small local construction company has expanded into a well equipped, competent and sustainable business. We have made it a organizational goal to maintain the highest standard of quality and steady growth as we effectively expand our services to the greater Agriculture areas.

Customized Solutions for you 

After years of providing our customers with a wide array of solutions for their operations we have developed a keen and intuitive way of finding solutions for our clients issues. We understand that your investments are important to you, and we work hard to provide the best solution for your operations.

Affordable Quality and Integrity

At Grain Storage Solutions we value getting our customers the right information and products they need to maximize their profits. We aren’t here to sell you something your operations don’t need, or that wont perform to the highest standards. We enjoy helping our customers realize their investments greatest potential by allowing us to protect their resources with the best.

Complete Dedication to Customers

When it comes to protecting our customers most valuable investment, we will never settle with good enough. Our crews have been put together in a planned ans strict manner. We understand that your investments are important to you and we will do whatever we can to make sure you operations are well taken care of.

Your One Stop Shop for Everything Grain

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